Win big while donating to a great cause! Please support Mid-Cities Animal Rescue by purchasing your Super Bowl square(s) for just $20 each today. Half of all money raised will go to Mid-Cities to help cover the costs of our recently increasing veterinary expenses, while the other half will go to four lucky winners!


First quarter: $100 - $250 (Depending on number of squares sold) Second quarter: $100 - $250 (Depending on number of squares sold) Third quarter: $100 - $250 (Depending on number of squares sold) Final score: $100 - $250 (Depending on number of squares sold)

The Super Bowl pool consists of a 10 x 10 grid making up 100 squares. There is no limit on the number of squares a person may buy. After all the squares have been purchased, the numbers 0 - 9 will be randomly selected and assigned to each of the 10 columns in the grid. The numbers 0 - 9 will again be randomly selected and assigned to each of the 10 rows in the grid. The numbers for each column and row represent the last digit of the score for the teams playing in the Super Bowl. Entry fees are due by noon on February 7, 2021 or until all squares are sold. Purchase your squares ASAP as they are sold on a first come first serve basis. During the Super Bowl, the player who owns the square that represents the score at the end of each quarter will win.

For example:

if the score at the end of the 1st quarter is 3 (Team 1) - 14 (Team 2), the person with the square in column 3 (Team 1) and the row 4 (Team 2) will win.

NOTE* If we do not sell all the squares and the 1st quarter falls on an unsold square that prize money rolls to the next quarter. If the same happens on the next quarter then it rolls to the next quarter again. This happens anytime the quarter ends on an unsold square.

Purchase yours via

Venmo at @Mid-Cities-Animal-Rescue

CashApp at $MCARescue

Paypal via

1st QTR 2nd QTR 3rd QTR 4th QTR Final Score

SuperBowl Squares
8 4 5 7 0 1 3 9 6 2
8 1 Brenda B. 3 4 Trisha J. 6 Trisha J. Melissa S Trisha J. Trisha J.
7 Paige S. Kathy T Trisha J. Melissa S Andrea S. Monica B. Andrea S. 18 19 Brenda B.
3 Trisha J. Margaret P 23 Cindy M Sheena L Cheryl K Jackie S Kathy T. Trisha J. Stephanie R
9 Melissa G 32 Virginia R. 34 35 36 Jesse G 38 39 40
4 Melissa S Dawn D. 43 Kathy T Melissa S. 46 47 Sherry G. 49 50
5 51 Melissa S 53 Cheryl H Melissa S. Kathy T 57 58 Kathy T 60
2 61 Kathy T. 63 Nancy T 65 Donna B. 67 Cindy M Donna B. 70
0 71 Jesse G Jesse G 74 Melissa G 76 Kathy T. 78 79 80
1 Cheryl K 82 83 Melissa G 85 Cindy M 87 Jesse G 89 90
6 Jesse G 92 93 Kathy T. 95 Cheryl K 97 Melissa G Brenda B. Cheryl K