Hi! My Name Is Mallory

We're happy to tell you that Mallory has a new furever home.
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Mallory is a sweet little Chi/terrier mix that is currently being treated for Demodex mange. She is already improving greatly with her baths and meds. She is working on potty training and is very smart. She is loving life in her foster home but would love a home of her own! If you are interested in meeting her please complete an application at peeples! My name is Mallory. But my baby calls me Mally and I answer to that too. I am a SMART, SMART little girl of about +/- 7 months old. I am sweet as honey. Very well behaved and quiet natured. I am recovering and healing so I may become a little more active as I begin to feel well. BUT the baby human here and I play very well together. There are 8 other dogs here and I get on with all very well, whether large or small, old or young. We have a new squirrel, cats and an oppossom that like to sit on our fence and tease us. I show very little interest in them other than trying to figure out what their purpose is? While very well behaved, quiet and calm, I seem to be a little slow at learning not to pee and poop on the floor. Again, remember I was VERY abused and neglected. My temp momma says I am smart and will get it figured out soon. It only took me an hour or so to get the doggie door down so we'll keep up the house training for sure. If you are interested in meeting her please complete an application at